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Ahiru No Sora Online Japanese basketball manga Series

Ahiru No Sora (Japanese あひるの空) is a comedy, sports, drama, school and shounen genre anime, that is directed by Keizō Kusakawa serving as the chief director along with Shingo Tamaki and produced by King Records. Go Zappa wrote the anime with Hiroaki Tsutsumi, who composed the music.

The animation studio where Ahiru No Sora (あひるの空) was animated is Diomedéa. The anime is also licensed by Senai Film works, who have licensed the series worldwide, excluding Asia. The first network used to broadcast the anime is BS TV Tokyo, AT-X, TV Tokyo. The anime was first aired on October 2nd, 2019, and is still running till the present date.

The total number of episodes that have been broadcasted is 39. The Dubcast premiered on November 13th, December 2019. Ahiru No Sora あひるの空 means “Sky of the Duck” or “Sora the Duck.”

The announcement for the manga’s television series adaptation (a Japanese word for comic (s)) was made on February 28th, 2018. The characters are designed and provided by Yoshino Honda. The series first premiered on October 2nd, 2019. And the duration of the anime 24 minutes.

The Characters

Main characters:

His twin brother is Momoharu Hanazono and is older than he is. He is a fantastic all-rounder who also is the primary point guard of Kuyuryu High. Chiaki is also able to play Power, Small Forward, Forward, and Center.

  • Kurumatani, Sora

He is the main protagonist of the story in both manga and the anime television series. He is short and has unruly dark blue hair and dark eyes. However, Sora primarily plays as the shooting guard of his school, Kuyuryu High. But can play on point if his team requires him. He is also considered a good defender when he successfully defended Taro in who match, which was against Kuyuryu High and Kitasumi High.

Natsume, Kenji

He has a tattoo on his right arm, and he uses a black sleeve to cover it up, well, to cover most of them. His hair is divided into sections where the top of his hair is in box braids, Bantu knots, and occasionally has them in cornrows. Kenji is also known for his attractiveness.

  • Yabuuchi, Madoka

She is kind and respectful to the people around her. She values Sora despite the fact that she felt that he was the disadvantaged one. Madoka seriously took in his appeal in a basketball competition. Maduka also inspires basketball players all over the school.

  • Shigeyoshi, Kaname

His noticeable and highlighting attribute is that he is the hook shot. He has been practicing the hook shot ever since he was in grade school. He later quits basketball after one year on the grade school because of how selfish people became when it came to setting and holding expectations about him and then how selfishly they got disappointed when their expectations were let down.

Hanazono, Momoharu

He is Chiaki’s twin brother. Momoharu eventually quits basketball in junior high school because, no matter how hard he had practiced and trained himself to do the jump shot, he would always fail. He would fail because the ball would never go inside the basket. Thus, making him desperate and resulting in him losing interest in his favorite sport, basketball. But when Sora came, everything changed for Momoharu. When Momoharu saw the passion and dedication that Sora has for basketball, it made him realize that he had never stopped loving basketball, which was life-changing for him.

Supporting characters:

  • Nanao, Nao

She is very energetic and upbeat, but her hyperactivity makes her prone to causing making mistakes. Moreover, her habit of being honest and upfront with her opinions when talking about her view of others.

She can discover her true self after she grows fond of Sora.

Kurumatani, Yuka

She is Sora Kurumatani’s mother. Yuka had played basketball and became a member of the national team. Yuki is Sora’s inspiration and is following her footsteps. Because of her illness, she used to get sick multiple times and had to be hospitalized a lot of times, too. During her late childhood, even until she was alive. The illness eventually got severe, and sadly she was pronounced dead a few hours after Sora’s first match in the inter-high (inter-school) prelims.

  • Yasuhara, Shinichi

He is Momoharu’s, Nabeshima, Saki, and Chiaki’s friend and has a black belt in karate. He loves his new passion for basketball and his friends.


Sora Kurumatani is a freshman who makes a promise to his mother that he will dominate the first tournament that he will be playing in his high school. Sora is also determined to follow his mother’s footsteps in playing basketball. But after entering Kuzuryu High School, he joins the sports club of basketball. However, he finds out that the club has become a stomping ground for the delinquents. Who never practiced basketball due to laziness. It had become a place that had everything going on. But he only had a basketball that was not played by anyone in the school. The basketball club was not at all enthusiastic and alive like he had anticipated it to be.

Being much smaller and weaker in comparison to his peers, Sora is at much disadvantage.

Nevertheless, Sora has the dedication and genuine passion and love for basketball. This did not stop Sora and his commitment to basketball. Things eventually start to become better not only for him but also for those around him who loved basketball. It was his dedication that inspired everyone. For instance, Momoharu is one of the twins, who had given up on his goal of being able to jump shoot. He was amazed and inspired by how Sora never gave up. And he also found out that he still loved basketball. He tries to put his passion and love for the sport behind him. Sora was able to find new friends who loved and had a great passion for basketball, just like him. And are able to form a basketball team for Kuzuryu High School.