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Akame-ga-Kill All Episodes

Akame-ga-Kill is a Japanese manga-based anime. Mr. Takahiro wrote the manga in 2010. The manga has enormous popularity in the town of Japan. However, Mangas are nothing but comics published by Japanese writers. Mangas are very famous in Japan market. Based on the manga, Mr. Takahiro has given the script a new platform Mahouka Koukou no Rettouse . The anime first aired in Jul. 07, 2014 and lasted up to Dec. 15, 2014. The anime has twenty-four episodes in total.

MEANING OF Akame-ga-Kill

Akame ga Kill is a Japanese of the series. The name is kept after the name of the member of the squad. Moreover, Akame is a great fighter of the night raid squad. Though Akame is not the main protagonist, the name of the series is kept after her. The real meaning of Akame ga Kill is “Akame Kills.” There is a lot of conflict going on behind the name’s real meaning, but no one could estimate the hidden meaning.


Tatsumi comes from a very small village submerged with widespread poverty. Moreover, Tatsumi is a great fighter. He has a sheer will to do something for his village in order to eradicate poverty. In order to do so, he and his two childhood friends move towards the capital to earn some money. The two friends of Tatsumi are lost in an attack by bandits. He later realizes the family with whom he is residing actually wants to take his life. He realizes this when they get attacked by the “Night Raid” group.

Night raid is a group of warriors whose main target is to bring peace and harmony in the nation and eradicate poverty. The group is against the nation’s Prime Minister working for his personal gain and putting the national below the poverty line. On finding a new group, Tatsumi decides to join the night raid. The group has the main target to finish Honest (PM). The members of the night raid hand possess weapons from the old ancient time. However, the weapon is called the Teigu.

In their course to defeat honest, the night raid squad down conquer a lot of military of his. But in the fight, the group lost two of their brave warriors Sheele and Bulat. On the equivalent, the other faction also loses some of its members. Moreover, the war between the night raid and honest continues for the sake of justice.


Like any other series or script, the storyline of Akame ga Kissanime Kill is quite different. You will be stunned to know the truth of the plot. The members of the night raid squad eventually dies a terrible death. Unlike other stories where victory is taken over by the protagonist, the squad members lose their lives to get justice. Sheele and Bulat are the initial absconded members of the group. Later the group reduces in number.


The anime is based on a comic written by Takahiro back in 2010. Based on the novel story, the director directed the anime in 2015. It has already been five long years since it’s the first release. The fans are eagerly waiting for the second season of Akame ga Kill. There is no such news of the release of the second season. The production also has revealed no such statements in regards to Akame ga Kill.

If it is to estimate, the comic and the anime ends with the same terms. The ending plot of the anime is similar to the comic. So there are very few chances of the release of the amine’s second season. However, certain characters have a twisted in the plot. Thus fans are expecting the second season of the anime due to specific changes in the scheme. However, the story of the anime is based on the comic “Hinowa GA Crush.” If fans are eagerly waiting for season 2, then printing further comic will be an excellent source for them to continue with their favorite characters.



The anime’s plot is undoubtedly different from the manga. The manga title is in the name of the squad member Akame, but the main protagonist is Tatsumi. In the anime, Tatsumi dies in the twenty-third episode. In the manga story, Tatsumi is still alive, but his body is transformed into a dragon.

  • MINE

In the twenty-first episode of the anime, mine dies. In the manga version of the story, mine is in a coma, and there are still hopes she will be back again.


The twenty-second shows the demise of Kurome. Whereas in the manga, Kurome has a happy ending. Kurome, Tatsumi, and Mine are the characters who lose there live in the last few episodes of the anime. But in the manga version, all the three are alive till the end.


Honest is not in the good books of every viewer. He is the main villain spreading hate and violence in the nation. His only intension is to make personal gains out of his high position. The character is portrayed with stable yet straightforward traits. In the manga version, honest is killed by raging soldiers. In the anime, the PM killed Leone.

The anime and manga version has a slight difference in the story and the final plot. In the anime, the death of the protagonists has put the audience in the dark shadow. Heros are supposed to win, but the plot of the anime is entirely different from the manga. Moreover, the manga has a lot of prominence due to the happy ending of the story. The story is bright and brilliant, with a happy ending. However, the manga version consists of a lot of fantasy, optimism, and funny scenes. Fans are expecting the launch of season 2. The second season of the anime can be continued by linking the twist of the first season. However, there are no such beans spilled by the production team yet about season 2.