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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection

What if thrill, action, politics, fiction, and Intelligence are messed up in a story? Obviously it will become a masterpiece for the story lovers. Code Geass is a suitable and best example of this. Those who have seen the series of Code Geass, know how much impact is there in the story. The movie is the end part of the story. So it would be better if you first take the feel from the Code Geass anime series.

Details of the Movie

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re; surrection movie released in 2019. The authors of this movie are Ichiro Okouchi and J. Micheal Tatum. This anime movie was being directed under care of For Ganiguchi. The length of this movie is 112 minutes.

Who are The Main Characters of This Movie?

The main characters of this movie are from the main characters of the series. They are-

  • Lelouch
  • Nunnally
  • Bitool
  • C2
  • Suzaku
  • Shalio
  • Shesthal
  • Shamna
  • Forgner
  • Schneizel
  • Kallen

What is The Story of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re; surrection

As the story is linked with the first two seasons of Code Geass, so here I am trying to summarize it. Kissanime apk Japan was ruled by Britannian. The king of the Britannian army has two children. One is Lelouch and another one is Nunnally. After their mother’s death, they were sent to a place where their identity was secret. As Lelouch grew up and realized how much cruelty is going on. So he decided to take revenge. Suddenly, he met C2, who changed his life and guided him to his every mission to destroy the Britannian army. He took the identity as Zero. He formed up a team with Japanese. Eventually, so many things happened and he defeated his sister Cornelia and Brother Schneizel. Another army who wanted to take authority over Japan, he also defeated them with the power of Geass, given by C2. And finally, he succeeds in his mission and his sister Nunnally receives the position to rule independent Japan. Here Zero or Lelouch will leave the place at the end.

The movie’s story started after 2 years of this incident. In a place named Zilkhstan, two men from the Britannian army were defeated by a Knightmare. Eventually, Lelouch will come back differently and will appear as Zero. He is trying to help Nunnally and Suzaku here. The story is full of suspense and thrilling moments, so the plot is concluded here without any spoiler.

Why Should You Watch This Movie?

The impact of the story is very deep. The revolution that is shown here is surely amazing. The animation quality, the suspense, and the thrilling moments are just awesome. The movie and series are full of action and twisting moments. It will surely win your heart. If you are interested to see this movie then it would be better to watch the series also then you can realize every word explained in the movie.