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Fruits Basket All Season Episode

Fruits Basket is a reverse harem, supernatural and occult fiction anime, which is a television series adaptation made by TMS Entertainment, which was first premiered on 6th April 2019. The anime for Fruits Basket was made inspired by the manga (a Japanese word for comics) written by Taku Kishimoto. Yoshihide Ibata directed it, and Masaru Yokoyama composes the music. 

Funimation also licenses it. The anime series is in two parts; one was released from 5th July 2001 to 27th December 2001, which was directed by Akituro Daichi. The second one is the current series that was released in 2020, which will adapt the entire manga series. The Digimon episodes have been aired since 6th April 2019 and are being broadcasted till the present date. There is a total of 40 episodes so far.

The characters

Tohru Honda

A 16-18-year-old orphan high school girl. She loves to cook and describes herself as an excellent and beautiful housekeeper. Tohru has a good and kind heart and genuinely cares about the people who are in her life. After school, she needs to work as a janitor to be able to afford her school tuition fees so that her grandfather is not under pressure to pay for her education. Tohru Hondo lives in a tent before starting to live and work for the Soma family. She begins to live with Shigeru Soma, Yuki Soma, and Kyo Soma, in exchange for doing housekeeping. She is aware of the curse that is upon the Soma family. Tohru embraces and accepts the Soma family and their secret without any hesitation.

  • Yoki Soma

A 16-18-year-old boy. According to his Chinese Zodiac curse, he is a rat of the Chinese Zodiac. He is also the younger brother of Ayame. Yoki Soma is reserved, attractive, and an accomplished young man who has many admirers. He often finds difficulty in being friendly with others. Over time, he can confide to Tohru with ease and no challenges and expresses his vulnerability as one who has the Soma curse.

Kyo Soma

Kyo Soma is a 16-18-year-old boy. He is anathematized by a feline, a creature which is not there in the Chinese Zodiac, though myth states that if the rat had not tricked it into blowing the feast of induction. Kyo is described as a cold and aggressive teenager boy with orange-colored hair. Eventually, he becomes soft and calm when he realizes that the care and kindness shown to him by Tohru for him is real, genuine, and sincere. The bond between Tohru and Kyo encourages him to have a change of heart and is compelled to express what it feels and kissanime ru to be excluded from the Chinese Zodiac.

  • Shigure Soma

Shigure Soma is a 26-28-year-old man. According to his Chinese Zodiac curse, he is a dog from the Chinese Zodiac. Shigure is also the owner of the house. He is also a writer who publishes novels under his name and trashy romantic novels under his pen name. So far, his triumphant alias is Noa Kiritani, that he uses for penning erotic book series. It goes by the name “Summer-Colored Sigh.” He is the most loyal mates with his kin Hatori and Ayame. Ayame and Shigure also like to pretend and act as if they are lovers when they are not.

What is the anime about?

The story is about an orphaned high school student, Tohru Honda, who, after meeting the Soma family members Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure Soma, find out that 12 members of the Soma family are cursed to by the Chinese Zodiac and turn into respective Chinese Zodiac animals. They are cursed and are possessed Chinese Zodiac animals and transform into one when they are:

  • Weak
  • Embarrassed
  • Embraced or hugged by a person of the opposite gender

As the anime series progresses, Tohru learns the hardships, pain, and problems faced by the affected Somas. And through her own generous, kind, and positive nature, she helps to heal their emotional wounds. As she gradually begins to learn more about Yuki, Kyo, and the rest of the 12 members, Tohru also learns a lot of things about herself and how much others care for her.


Tohru’s mother dies in a car accident, which results in Tohru living with her grandfather. However, because of being mistreated and problems are given to her by her relatives and make it difficult for her to live, she temporarily moves out of her grandfather’s house. Tohru begins to live in a tent and start to support and sustain herself. She finds a home located in a strange and odd location where one of her popular classmates, Yoki Soma, lives with his cousins (including Shigure. On the first day, when she moves in, she sees an orange head teenager who crashes through the roof of her new bedroom and starts to attack Yuki. 

Tohru attempts to stop the fight and hold him to try to stop the fight between him and Yuki. 

This results in Kyo Turning into a cat with orange fur right before her eyes and learning his name. She learns about the dark curse of the Soma family and agrees to keep it a secret and is allowed to live with them. She promises not to tell anyone about their secret. The Soma’s are living with a curse. The twelve members of the family except for Kyo, are controlled by the Chinese Zodiac spirits. They transform in their corresponding beasts when they are weak, under stress, embarrassed, or embraced or hugged by a person of the opposing gender. 

As time passes by, she learns that the Soma’s secret is much dark and is much more complicated than she had anticipated. Soon, her presence unacceptance influences a large amount of positivity on the 12 members affected by the curse. Tohru Later sets out to break the curse. On her way, she discovers and meets the vengeful Zodiac spirits of the Soma’s. Each of them possesses a different personality, just like their Chinese Zodiac animals. One by one, Tohru’s presents changes the lives of the Soma clan forever.