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Most of the people who have a negative thought about the anime world think that only team human beings can express the emotions through their eyes and their actions. It is true but those who limit their thinking up to this level must see Grave of the Fireflies for once. At the end of the story, tears will surround your eyes for sure.

Details of Grave of the Fireflies Movie

The story was written by Akiyuki Nosaka and Isao Takahata. This story was written as a novel. Later it turned into a film with the careful screenplay by Isao Takahata. Eventually, he is the director also. It was released from Studio Ghibli in the year of 1988. The length of the movie is 90 minutes.

Who is The Main Character in This Movie?

Grave of the Fireflies has so many characters. Most of them are supporting characters. But who has played a crucial role in this movie are-

What is The Story All About?

We all know during World War 2, how countries of this beautiful world tried to destroy one another. But what we don’t know is, how it affects the lives of innocent countrymen. During world war 2, America launched atomic explosives to destroy Japan. Not only it destroyed the lives of innocents but also affected the agricultural field. Eventually, as a result, starvation became the partner of the poor as well as rich people.

Seita was one of this crowd. He had a little sister Setsuko. Seita’s Mother was a housewife and his father was in the Navy. Though intrusion of foreign planes became the regular part but one day while Seita and his family tried to save themselves, Seita and Setsuko got separated from their mother. They both are little children and have no idea of survival. This is the story all about.

Why Should You Watch the Grave of the Fireflies?

The story is not enough for those who want more from a film. The only impact of the situations within the story can satisfy them. Then here two situations that will raise interest within you. First, as they became homeless, they decided to live in a drainage passage. Lots of problems had come but their little soft heart loves the passage more than their home. They established their world there. The situation makes us tough but within that situation also they have learned to be happy. You will be amazed to see this. But after some time, when the stored food was almost over then they have spent so many days without eating a single particle of rice. Starvation makes people out of their minds. In this situation, little Setsuko tried to eat stone chips as rice balls.

From this story, you will realize how difficult it is to live without food. And this happened actually during the world war. It will make you realize how war affects normal people’s lives. If you watch the movie and can feel the situation then it will be a tribute to those dead souls.