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Hunter-x-Hunter Tv Serial

Do you know what Hunter x Hunter is? Hunter x Hunter is a famous Japanese anime based on the story of a hunter kid directed by Mr Hiroshi. The story of the anime is derived from a manga called Hunter-x-Hunter penned by Mr Yoshihiro. The anime was first aired in the year 1999. The anime has six seasons in total, the last season being released in the year 2014.


The story of kissanime reddit Hunter x Hunter is based on the life of a boy named Gon. A small talented young boy residing with his relatives loves hunting and is passionate about one. One day Gon finds out that his dead father is actually not dead, but it is still alive. Gon remains stunned by listening to this news. Initially, Gon is told that his father died long back, which is why he lives with his relatives. But when Gon finds out the news of his father being a member of humanity and is one of the talented hunters of the time kid chooses to work on the same path of his father.

Mr Ging is the father of Gon, who leaves his son in order to pursue his dreams. Gon is quite passionate about hunting and aces the hunter’s examination to become one. Gon sets is a journey to become a massive hunter of the time. By finding rare species of animals and hunting them, he starts his journey towards his dreams. By doing so, Gon becomes a very talented Hunter of the time. In the journey of pursuing his dreams, Gon finds his father back. This is the plot of the Pokemon anime, Hunter-x-Hunter.


The anime first aired its episode in October 1999. With that, the anime completed a total of six seasons of it by 2014. Below mentioned is a list of the episodes and release dates of the anime’s seasons.

  • Season 1 of the anime had 30 episodes in total aired in Oct. 1999
  • Season 2 of the anime had 12 episodes in total aired in Apr. 2012
  • Season 3 of the anime had 20 episodes in total aired in Jul. 2012
  • Season 4 of the anime had 17 episodes in total aired in Dec. 2012
  • Season 5 of the anime had 61 episodes in total aired in Apr. 2013
  • Season 6 of the anime had 12 episodes in total aired in Jul. 2014


The anime Hunter x Hunter ran successfully for a few years till 2014. The fans of the anime are eagerly waiting for the launch of its 7th season. The rumours about the release date of the 7th season are spreading across rapidly. But in reality, the release dates are not yet confirmed by the production team. There is not even a hint of the release date given by any of the casting members of the anime. But in an interview with Mr Hogashi, it is clear that the 7th season will be releasing soon. By the statements, it was estimated that season 6 is not the end of the story and is far beyond the termination. The fans can expect season 7 of the anime by 2021. 

WHY IS Hunter-x-Hunter FAMOUS? 

  • STORY:

If your anime doesn’t have an exciting concept or plot, then investing your time in animation and soundtrack is of no use, just like that the story of the anime Hunter-x-Hunter is quite captivating and attractive. The story of a young boy who sets on a journey to achieve his dreams ultimately finds his father, who he considers dead. This gives an exciting twist to the story while captivating the minds of the viewers. This being inserted in the plot made the viewers more eager to watch the next season. The story of the anime is quite bubbly, and fans are looking forward to its seventh season.


The animation of Hunter x Hunter is great and vivacious. The essential elements of any animation are its quality. Your anime will not be captivating until and unless it has beautiful colours, excellent speed, and motion used in it. It is imperative to hire a great animation studio to make anime.


The characters of the anime are quite impressive. If an anime doesn’t have interesting characters, it becomes difficult for it to grab the viewers’ minds. Thus, by choosing exciting characters, the director has successfully caught the viewers’ perceptions of the anime.


The song of Hunter x Hunter is charming and captivating. The main element of any anime is its soundtrack. To make the anime more interesting, the background sounds and tracks should be quite musical. In order to seek the attention of the viewers, good music plays a very vital role.


The anime plot has an adventurous script making the viewers think about what will happen in the next episode. It is really important for an anime to have thrill, adventure, drama, and emotions in the story. The adventure story of Gon is captivating a lot of people in the country.


The story of a boy who loses his father at a young age finds his father to be alive. The emotions used in the anime has touched the core of the heart of the viewers. The twist in the plot brought an emotional turn in the anime. People are looking forward to watching its 7th season very soon.


The anime has received 4.9 stars out of 5. The rating itself gives an impression of what kind of anime Hunter x Hunter is. People have found the story of the anime quite interesting. This anime is considered as one of the best animes in Japan. The sound effects, music, and animation put to use in the anime is quite attractive and different from others. By watching all the six seasons interestingly, the fans are waiting for the release date of the 7th season. This is all because of the exciting plot of the anime.