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Kanojo Okarishimasu All Season Episode

Kanojo- Okarishimasu (Japanese 彼女、お借りします) is a Romantic Comedy anime. It is also a television series adaptation made by TMS Entertainment. And was premiered in July 2020 in the Animism block. It was initially built in the media form of manga (a Japanese word for comics) in Japanese. Moreover, it was later released in the English version in June 2020. It was directed by Kazuomi Koga and Mitsuka Hirota. Who handled the series composition. Kanna Hirayama designs the characters. Hyadain composed the music in the Pokemon anime series. The title of the anime, that is, Kanojo- Okarishimasu (Japanese 彼女、お借りします) means “Rent-a-Girlfriend.” 

The characters are divided into Main Characters and Supporting Characters. Moreover, they are as follows:

Main Characters

  • Kazuya Kinoshita
  • Chizuru Mizuhara
  • Mami Nanami
  • Ruka Sarashina
  • Sumi Sakurawa
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Supporting Characters

  • Nagomi Kinoshita
  • Yoshiaki Kibe
  • Shun Kuribayashi

Character description

Kazuya Kinoshita (leading protagonist):

Kazuya Kinoshita is a college student who is dumped by his girlfriend. He is drastically and painfully affected by the breakup. His ex is Mami Nanami. Eventually, after the breakup, he decides to try renting a girlfriend. He ends up with Chizuru Mizuhara. Suddenly he falls into situations that compel him to bring Chizuru Mizuhara with him. He does this in order to keep up his appearances in front of his family and friends. In the end, it turns out that Kazuya Kinoshita falls in love with Chizuru Mizuhara.

Chizuru Mizuhara

Chizuru Mizuhara is a nerdy college student who wears large dark-framed glasses and has braided pigtails. She attends college under the name of her grandmother’s family name Ichinose. However, on the other hand, she works for the Diamond Company. Which runs “Rent a Girlfriend.” She is exceptionally proud and happy about the ratings of her services. When Kazuya Kinoshita rents her as his girlfriend, she becomes annoyed. After he leaves a bad rating for her services as a rental girlfriend. This further embarrasses her.

It turns out that Kazuya Kinoshita is Chizuru’s next-door neighbour in their apartment complex. She lets Kazuya rent her as his girlfriend in order to help his grandmother and visit her together, looking like couples. She also allows Kazuya to rent her so that he can develop as a person. Later in the anime and manga, it is shown that Zhizuru Mizuhara works as a rental girlfriend. And get into this business because she wants the develop the skills. Also, experience for role-playing because she aspires to be an actress in the future. 

Mami Nanami

She is Kazuya’s ex-girlfriend who dumped him and ended their relationship. She has blonde and short hair. Mami has a very bubbly and friendly personality, but that is all just a façade. On the inside, she is extremely possessive and harbours the feelings of jealousy, which scare her friends at times. When Mami Nanami gets to know about Kazuya Kinoshita’s girlfriend and his relationship, she gets shocked and becomes suspicious. She gets such feelings because he has already found another girlfriend so soon after dumping him.

Ruka Sarashina

She is Kazuya Kinoshita’s friend’s girlfriend. But she works as a girlfriend for another company. Ruka Sarashina wears a red ribbon headband. And wants to date Kazuya Kinoshita in real after seeing how kind and passionate he is. Especially, about treating his girlfriend Chizuru Mizuhara and her. Ruka however, suffers from a medical condition where she has a low heartbeat, and she monitors it every day. She notices that ever since Kazuya Kinoshita came in her life. Her heart has started beating more and elevated the rate. And he is the only one to do so.

Sumi Sakurasawa

She also works as a girlfriend for rent for the same company as Chizuru.  Moreover, she is a newcomer to this business. She has pink hair with a braid on one side. Sumi Sakurasawa is a timid girl. And agrees when Chizuru asks Sumi to date Kazuya. So that she can improve her skills as a rental girlfriend. This eventually leads to Sumi developing feelings for Kazuya.

Nagomi Kinoshita 

She is Kazuya’s grandmother and is also friends with Chizuru’s grandmother. Nagomi is delighted to find out that Kazuya and Chizuru are a couple and are dating.

Yoshiaki Kibe

A childhood friend of Kazuya and college schoolmate. He gives dating and relationship advice to Kazuya and how to deal with them.

Shun Kuribayashi

He is Kazuya’s college schoolmate and his friend. He wears glasses and has short, light-coloured hair.


After dating for a month, Kazuya Kinoshita is dumped by Mami Nanami, his girlfriend. Moreover, this leaves him emotionally shattered and upset. He decides to fill the void in his heart by “Renting-a-girlfriend.” Here he meets Chizuru Mizuhara. A beautiful and attractive girl. In the beginning, Chizuru seems to be the perfect girl and is everything he could ask for. However, for Kazuya, she appears to be a bit too perfect. Being tormented by his previous relationship, Kazuya thinks that Chizuru is a girl. And she plays with the hearts of men. Then leaves a low and negative rating about her service as a rental girlfriend.

This annoys and upsets Chizuru because she feels that her client is disrespecting her. This results in Chizuru revealing her true self. This is entirely opposite to what she shows to everyone while being their “girlfriend.”  At that very scene, Kazuya receives the news about his grandmother, that she had collapsed. Being compelled by the situation, Kazuya is forced to bring Chizuru with him. As he visits his grandmother in the hospital. They must fake a relationship and act as if they are true lovers.

Kanojo- Okarishimasu has 12 episodes and is on-going. The episodes can be seen on Saturdays at 1:25 Japanese Standard Time. The episode duration running time is 24 minutes. It has a rating of 7.6 out of 10. Kanojo- Okarishimasu ‘s manga has a total of 15 volumes. And the manga is still being written till the present date. There are two types of manga being written, Magazine Pocket and Weekly Shonen Magazine.