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Kung Fu Panda 3

Kung Fu Panda 3 is a Chinese animated movie. It is the sequence of Kung Fu Panda 2 which was released in the year 2011. There are many great artists who did voice over for the characters of the movie like Anjelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, Jackie chan, Dustin Hoffman, and many others.

Characters of the movie

  • Po
  • Kai
  • Oogway
  • Tigress
  • Master mantis
  • Master Monkey
  • Master viper
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  • Master Crane
  • Mr Ping
  • Li Shan
  • Master Shifu
  • Master Croc

The Introduction of the story

This movie is one of the best-animated movies which was released in the year 2016. The movie starts when Kai, a bull demon, who had stolen the chi of other kung-fu masters fights and steals the chi of Oogway, Kung fu master.

Before he steals the oogway’ chi, oogway warns him that someone( PO) will stop him doing all such things.

Here in the Mortal Realm, the kung-fu master Shifu announces his retirement from teaching the kung fu and also announces that Po, the dragon warrior will be the new teacher at the place of him. Just like all his friend’s monkey, tigress, mantis and other, he also feels very strange about it, though, in the beginning, he was very happy with this post. While teaching his friends, all his friends get injured due to the bad teaching of Po.

When he returns home, he finds a panda just like him, eating many doughnuts and he interacts with him and it all disturbs his adoptive father, Mr Ping, a lot. Soon after the New Panda, Mr Li Shan reveals that he is the biological father of Po. Therefore Li Shan convinces Mr. Ping to let his son go with him to his secret village where he could meet his relative pandas and Li Shan will also teach him the magical power.

And the story continues

Here from the story takes the twist, in the way, both Li and Po find that Mr Ping, who is a bird, is also with them in the way hiding and secretly joining this journey. After unhiding, he tells that he did so as Po loves the food made by him. After reaching the village, Li Shan tells Po that before learning the magical power, he should first learn how to live a perfect relaxed life. While doing so, they see Tigress there, who informs them that Kai has stolen the chi of all other four friends and soon he will be there in the village. After this news, Po asks Li Shan to teach him the magical power but Li shan rejects. He tells that he lied to him about this just to bring Po back to the village again. To know what happened next, you may watch the movie first.

While watching this movie you will really enjoy every moment and love to see all the animated characters and the scenes of this movie. The movie was directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson and produced by Mellisa Cob.