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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is a Japanese anime based on a novel story penned by Tsutomu Satō. “The Irregular At Magic High School” Akame ga Kill season 1 aired its first episode in 2014 with a genre of action and fantasy. The movie based on the same released in 2017. The book launched by Tsutomu Satō in the year 2018 gained a lot of popularity amongst teenagers. 

Teenagers from across the country started to become a massive fan of the anime. The anime is based on a novel consisting of 32 volumes. However, the anime hasn’t covered all the volumes of the book. It is assumed that the seasons of the anime will be divided on the volume of the novel. 


Tatsuya and Miyuki were children of Tatsurou and late Miya. The couple was forced into marriage even though they did not have any love. After the death of Miya, Tatsurou married Sayuri (mistress). On the occasion of their father’s second marriage, the children were left on themselves without any care. Tatsuya came to the world with unique magical powers different from others.


The reason behind this was Maya (Aunt) and the leader of the clan. During a vacation, Tatsuya staved off an Asian Alliance. He kissanime ru later joined 101 independent units of magicians. The major of the group was Mr. Kazama. 

Miyuki is the sister of Tatsuya imbibed with exceptional magical powers. She is considered as the most potent Magician in the globe. She’s also the candidate to succeed in aunt Maya’s position in the clan. Her magical skills involve freezing people and their senses. But half of her magical powers are used to curb Tatsuya’ s powers. 


  • Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime is based on a novel.
  • The writer of the book is Mr. Tsutomu Satō.
  • Mr. Narō published the story on 12/10/2008. 
  • The novel gained a lot of popularity in Japan.
  • To date, more than 10 million copies of the book have been sold as per the report. 
  • The first season of the anime was released on 24/04/2014. 
  • The first season of the anime consisted of 26 episodes. 


The story talks about two siblings Tatsuya and Miyuki, who are enrolled in “First high school.” Miyuki is a young talented girl acing in every single field she encounters. At the same time, Tatsuya is a young boy deprived of magical skills. He is regarded as a dumb student in the institution—the story of the 21st century clustered with the spark of magic and fairytale.

The students are admitted to the school of magicians on writing an entrance exam. However, the entrance exam divides the students into two categories based on their skills and marks obtained. The students of “Blooms” the ones scored high marks in the entrance exam are given the “First course.” “Weeds” is the second-course category given to reserved students. 

To get admission in the Magician’s institution, the siblings sit for the entrance exam. On the basis of the scoring, intelligent Miyuki receives the category of “First Course.” Tatsuya gets placed in “Second Course” due to his inability in magical skills. But Tatsuya has other talents of technical expertise and fighting skills, making him different from other students. 

Thus due to his inept magical skills, he is regarded as weak amongst the others. But this is not true. Tatsuya has magical powers that are far more different and powerful than others. He can create or destroy any matter using his power. Due to this, the leaders of the clan use his sister’s authorities to curb his abilities.  


Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Season 2 production news is confirmed by the industry. However, the team has announced the release of season 2 in the year 2020. Unfortunately, the disheartening news the fans got to know was the delay in the releasing date of season 2. The main reason for the delay is due to the spread of Coronavirus across the globe. The anime was scheduled to release in July 2020. But the team canceled the launching of season 2 due to the pandemic faced by the world. However, as per the reports, the anime’s second season will launch in October 2020. The fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the anime this year. 


The novel consists of 32 volumes. The last book will be releasing in September 2020. The second season of the anime is covering only three books consisting of 12 – 13 episodes in total. In order to cover the whole novel, the anime will require another 8 – 10 seasons to finish all the volumes. Thus we can conclude by stating that season 2 is not the final season of “The Irregular At Magic High School.” 


The reviews of the anime are high, and most of the people have enjoyed watching the series. However, the first season of a series consisted of 26 episodes in total. The second season forecasts the 2020 release with 12 to 13 episodes. However, the reviews given by the audience are as follows. 

  • An excellent anime to binge on. Great action with a pinch of romance. The hero’s acting is superb. 
  • I just loved the anime and its effects. Eagerly waiting for season 2. 
  • I really loved the way the leading character overpowered the Villians. There’s no doubt about Tatsuya’s superpowers. 
  • I watched the series twice and can still view it another one time. Such tremendous and exciting anime. 
  • Wow, such a great plot and a story script. Suggest everyone watch the anime. 
  • I never watched an anime like this. Great story and plot. 
  • Miyuki is my favorite. Her strength and abilities make her different from everyone.
  • Can’t wait for season 2.
  • Tatsuya is not dumb. He posses unique magical powers that will be revealing very soon. 
  • Tatsuya is his sister’s bodyguard in school. I didn’t like the concept! 
  • Worth watching. To all the anime lovers, if you haven’t watched Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, then you haven’t watched anything. 
  • Loved the idea of the story. Really different and unique. I love Tatsuya.