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This movie is the sequel of the Despicable Me which appeared on box office in the year 2010. Minion was directed by Chris Meledandri and Janet Healy. The story is written by Brian Lynch. The music of this movie was composed by Heitor Pereira. The movie was first released on June 11 in the year 2010 in London.

Characters of the Movie

  • Kevin the Minion
  • Bob the Minion
  • Stuart the Minion
  • Felonius Gru
  • Scarlet Overkill
  • Herb Overkill
  • Professor flux
  • Water Nelson and many others.

Introduction to the movie

There are many movies which are related to this Animated movie. Some are sequels and some are prequels. The movie depicts the life of minions, a yellow small creature, the whole sole purpose of whose life is to serve the most powerful and villainous master. The kissanime website movie starts showing how the smallest creature originated from seawater, they from it converted into a fish, crocodile and then some other shaped bigger beings. In the starring scene, the Minions find their master as a tyrannosaurus. But soon the life of the master gets over when the Master Tyrannosaurus accidentally lands on the rolling big round stone which stops at the end of the volcano tip, however, due to one minion’s funny activity, the master falls down in the volcano and they become without a master. Just like this, they also find the caveman as the master but the master is lost by them. In the same series, they also get the chance to serve humanity but he is eaten by a bear.

And the story Continues

They also find a way to serve one Dracula but accidentally while surprising him, they give him a birthday party and open the window curtain, which lets the sun rays fall on him and he gets converted into ashes. In this way, they lose the company of Master Dracula. After this, they find the chance to serve the pharaoh but they all too get crushed under the pyramid due to the mistake of the minions. So the basic things about all these are that minions get the company of their super villainous Masters but one by one, they leave them all due to some funny acts of the Minions.

After this all, they become very hopeless and start living their lives isolated in a cave but they don’t feel anything good even in playing, eating, sleeping etc without the master. So three minions out of them that is Bob, Stuart and Kevin start their journey from their cave so that they could find happiness for their whole group. In their journey, they get the chance to meet with a lady villain, after winning one contest of stealing the diamond from her hands. They reach this place with the help of the Nelson family, who gives them a lift to Orlando. To know what happened next, you may watch the full movie. While watching this movie, you will really feel what a fantastic movie this is and you will really laugh all the time while hearing the understandable voice of minions and watching their activities.