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Hey folks! Do you know what one PiecePiece is? No, we are not talking about the dress you wear for the party. One PiecePiece is one of the most famous animes of Japan released in the year 1999. The anime is based on a manga (Comic) of Mr. Eiichiro. The comic gained a lot of popularity and thus was converted into the anime. Mr. Konosuke is the director of the anime. The kissanime website first episode aired in Japan in Oct. 1999. Besides Japan, the anime is famous in other countries of the globe. Based on the TRP, the anime is always among the top 5 shows ( animated) of Japan.


Luffy is a 17-year-old boy who quests in search of a treasure along with his friends. The group of pirates with different goals set sail on the Grandline ocean to fulfill their dreams. Every member of the tribe possesses a unique superpower. The superpower they imbibe got into their body after consuming a devil fruit. Their families abandoned most of the group members. By the harsh reality, they grow to fulfill their dreams.


161Oct. 1999
216Mar. 2001
315Aug. 2001
438Dec. 2001
513Nov. 2002
652Feb. 2003
733Jun. 2004
835Apr. 2005
973May 2006
1045Jan. 2008
1126Dec. 2008
1214Jul. 2009
1337Oct. 2009
1458Jul. 2010
1562Oct. 2011
1650Jan. 2013
17118Jan. 2014
1836Jun. 2016
19109Apr. 2017
2041Jul. 2019


The anime aired its first episode on Oct. 20th, 1999 in Japan. The anime has a total of 932 episodes, with its last season released in Jul. 2019. The anime has not completed even half of the story by 800 episodes. This makes it quite clear that there will be several other seasons aired in the coming years.


The Akame-ga-Kill anime One piece is considered as one of the best animes to date. It comes in the list of top 5 animes of Japan. If you are someone who loves binging on long-running interesting animes, then One PiecePiece is the best choice for you.



Monkey D. Luffy is the main character of the anime. The protagonist on consuming a fruit imbibes the quality of rubber in his body. His dream is to become the biggest pirate of the grand line. He starts sailing at the age of 17, looking for a treasure.

  • ZORONOA:  

Zoro is a famous hunter pirate and the second protagonist of the anime, One PiecePiece. After being rescued from execution, Zoro joins Luffy for the adventure. Zoro has a unique style of fighting with swords. He holds two swords in his hand and the third sword in his mouth during the fight. He took the training from his native place, a town called as Shimotsuki. His famous sword is Wado Ichimonji he received from his childhood friend.

  • NAMI: 

Nami is portrayed as a thief in the anime, One PiecePiece. She has the skill of reading maps, forecasting weather, and navigation. Her dream is to sail across the ocean and complete the map of the grand line. To fulfill her dreams and complete the map, she joins hands with Luffy in his adventure.

  • USOPP:

His own father disowns him in his early childhood, Usopp dreams of becoming a great pirate. Moreover, Usopp never blamed his dad for his mother’s death. The ocean always gives hope to Usopp. With this hope, he desires to become a great pirate of the ocean. Usopp is known by the name of a liar. This is because he lies a lot and has a long nose.


Vinsmoke is the son of a king of Germa kingdom. Being ridiculed for his disabilities, Vinsmoke was thrown behind bars. With the assistance of his sister Reiju, Vinsmoke somehow manages to escape from the kingdom and reaches the Grandline. After joining a group of pirates, Vinsmoke becomes a great cook. He has a strong desire towards women due to which he makes a self promise never to harm one even if it takes his life. He receives training from the pirates for several years on the ocean.

  • TONY:

Tony is a famous doctor known for his superpowers. After consuming a deadly poisonous fruit, he transforms into something not accepted by ordinary people. Tony has a blue nose, which made him different from everyone. Disowned by his own tribe for his monstrous look, Tony took the training of medicine from doctor Kureha. He learns every nook and corner of the medication to develop one.

  • NICO:

Nico is an eight-year-old archeologist. Raised in Ohara, known for libraries, Nico loves history. She is imbibed with supernatural powers to recreate her own body parts for some time. Ponegurifu is a lost history scattered all across the globe. Nico’s dream is to collect those scattered pieces of history to know the secret of Ponegurifu.


 A nine-year-old boy disowned by his family is raised by a fisherman named Tom. Tom is on a secret mission to destroy the ancient weapons. Due to Franky’s negligence, Tom’s plot gets disclosed in front of a government authority. The government takes action against Tom, and in the fight, Franky faces a lot of injuries. With the dream of sailing across the ocean, he joins the group of “Straw Hat Pirates.”

  • BROOK: 

Famous as a pirate, Brook is known for playing various instruments and captivating people. By the melody of the instruments, people can fall asleep. This is the superpower Brook possesses. Due to his skeleton structure, he posses the ability to jump high from ocean to ocean.


Jimbei is known for his ability to communicate with fishes. He is a member of Big Mom Pirates. But after a specific tenure of time, Jimbie leaves Mom Pirates and joins Straw Hat Pirates.