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POKEMON Video Games Series

Why Pokemon is so famous? Pocket Monster is a popular kissanime ru in Japan. The name pokemon is the abbreviation derived from the pocket master. However, it is one of the most famous animes running for decades. The anime is popular amongst the kids as well as teenagers. Moreover, the anime is about a group of friends who go hunting for Pokemons across the globe. The anime is written by Takeshi and directed by Kunihiko in the year 1997.

The first Hunter-x-Hunter episode of the anime aired on 1st April 1997 in Tokyo. The anime is still aired on various channels and online applications of live streaming networks. The 23rd season will soon be released in 2020 in America. Besides anime, Pokemon is also released in the form of movies and games worldwide. Pokemon has a tie-up with a Nintendo gaming company.


Pokemon is an anime based on the story of a ten-year-old lad, Ash. Ash is a smart Intelligent boy aspiring to become the top trainer of Pokemon in the world. For this, Ash has to face various pokemon battles. They are also known as pokemon leagues and travel across the globe to capture different Pokemons. Ash sets on the journey of becoming a pokemon master with his multiple friends.

He has certain pokemon friends who help him win the battles. His close pokemon friend is Pikachu. Pikachu has gained a lot of popularity due to his power of electric shock. The antagonist in the series is team rocket, a couple who wants to capture Ash’s friend Pikachu.

They are Jesse and James, accompanied by their Pokemon Meowth. They cause a lot of hindrance in the way of Ash. But every time they try to capture Pikachu, they taste defeat at the hands of Ash. In the journey, Ash has to face a lot of battles with various opponents. He must beat them and become the best pokemon master.


  • PIKACHU: Pikachu is a great friend of Ash and the most loved Pokemon. Pikachu possesses the ability to beat the opponent with the electric shock waves.
  • BULBASAUR: Bulbasaur is a frog kind of poisonous Pokemon with the ability to hit the opponent with speed seed attacks and bombing.
  • SQUIRTLE: Squirtle is a turtle-like Pokemon with the ability to tackle and killing the opposite one with bubble and water attacks.
  • CHARMANDER: Charmander is a chameleon-like Pokemon with the ability to beat the opponent with speed fire attacks.
  • RAICHU: Raichu is the Pokemon from a similar breed of Pikachu. Raichu possesses skills to beat the competitor with thunderbolts.
  • PONYTA: Ponyta is a goat-like Pokemon imbibed with tackling tricks and fire blasts.
  • JIGGLYPUFF: Jigglypuff is a pokemon with small ears similar to a rabbit. Jigglypuff has the ability to cause considerable blasts to beat the opponent.
  • POLIWAG: Poliwag is a water pokemon with the ability to attack with bubble shots.
  • CHARIZARD: Charizard is a dinosaur-like Pokemon similar to Charmander. The only difference is, Charmander is smaller in size. And Charizard is enormous like a dinosaur with the ability to fly and kill the opposite one with fire attacks.
  • ONYX: Onyx is a ghost-like Pokemon similar to a rocky snake. The Pokemon is strong enough to kill the villain with rock attacks.
  • CATERPIE: Caterpie is a pokemon identical to a butterfly. This Pokemon has the ability to attack the opposite one with poisonous bites.


The anime of Pokémon has 1,113 chapters in total from 23 seasons. The first season started in the year 1997, and until now, the anime has 23 seasons in total.

  • Season 1 has 82 episodes in total (Apr. 1997).
  • Season 2 has 36 episodes in total (Jan. 1999).
  • Season 3 has 41 episodes in total (Oct. 1999).
  • Season 4 has 52 episodes in total (Aug. 2000).
  • Season 5 has 65 episodes in total (Aug. 2001).
  • Season 6 has 40 episodes in total (Nov. 2002).
  • Season 7 has 52 episodes in total (Sep. 2003).
  • Season 8 has 54 episodes in total (Sep. 2004).
  • Season 9 has 47 episodes in total (Oct. 2005).
  • Season 10 has 52 episodes in total (Sep. 2006).
  • Season 11 has 52 episodes in total (Nov. 2007).
  • Season 12 has 53 episodes in total (Dec. 2008).
  • Season 13 has 34 episodes in total (Jan. 2010).
  • Season 14 has 50 episodes in total (Sep. 2010).
  • Season 15 has 49 episodes in total (Sep. 2011).
  • Season 16 has 45 episodes in total (Oct. 2012, Apr. 2013).
  • Season 17 has 48 episodes in total (Oct. 2013).
  • Season 18 has 45 episodes in total (Nov. 2014).
  • Season 19 has 47 episodes in total (Oct. 2015).
  • Season 20 has 43 episodes in total (Nov. 2016).
  • Season 21 has 49 episodes in total (Oct. 2017).
  • Season 22 has 54 episodes in total (Oct. 2018).
  • Season 23 has 82 episodes in total (Nov. 2019).


There are high chances of the anime’s season 24 to release this year. The anime launched its last season in November 2019. There are high chances of the next season coming up in 2020. Usually, Pokemon releases its season in October or November. Thus fans are eagerly waiting for season 24 to come out by the end of this year. 


This is the frequently asked question by a lot of people. But giving an accurate answer to this is awkward. Every person has a different taste based on which the likes and dislikes are decided. There are totally 23 seasons of the anime crossing thousand episodes. The anime is running since 1997, and it has been more than 20 years of its presence.

In these years, Pokemon aired different seasons with different taglines. Each season of the anime is based on various pokemon battles and leagues. According to the fans and their reviews, season 1, 2, and 3 are mostly liked by all of them. These seasons are the first part of the anime with different twists and plots. Thus these seasons are considered the best of all seasons.