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Those who have a long relationship with movies, know that romanticism has so many types. It is not fixed that it will come from one direction. Love has so many definitions but the most common one is used to express the love between one boy and one girl in their teenage years. But sometimes, love is unconditional. It can be established between two unknown people unknowingly. Spirited Away, the animation movie from 2001 carries the same message at the end of the series.

Details of Spirited Away

The anime movie was released in 2001 by Studio Ghibli. Hayao Miyazaki is the writer and director of this movie. The achievements of this movie are amazing. It got a total of 30 nominations and 57 awards. And the lifetime achievement is winning an Oscar. The length of the movie is 125 minutes. It was the most popular movie before Your Name. It crossed more than 23 billion yen when it was released. Later it received popularity in foreign countries.

Who are the Main Characters of Spirited Away?

The main characters are-

  • Chihiro
  • Haku
  • Yubaba
  • Kamaji
  • Yuko
  • Akio
  • Chichiyaku
  • Aniyaku

What is The Story of Spirited Away?

The story starts with a family, traveling to their new house. Chihiro, the little girl of Akio and Yuko is not feeling very satisfied with the decision. But while traveling, suddenly they realized they have lost their way. They discovered a shrine and an old temple there. They also discovered a dried river and a place of nowhere full of foods and shops. Because of being hungry, Chihiro’s mother and father decided to take a meal. At that time Chihiro decided to give a round to the city and found a bridge. Suddenly a boy appears and asks her to escape as soon as possible. And then she found her parents were somehow turned into pigs.

She slowly discovered that the place is full of spirits. She somehow gets in the world of spirit where the rules are different from the Normal world and humans are strictly prohibited there. She met the landlady of the place, Yubaba, and asked for a job in her Bath place. Now the struggle begins from here. The story is kissanime app all about how she successfully let her parents rescue from the spirit world.

Why Should You Watch This Movie?

The boy, Haku who helped her to survive in the Spirit world, faced a serious injury in a battle. Without caring for her own life, Chihiro decided to rescue him by going to a place that is difficult to reach. And finally, by winning the heart of everyone who first abandoned her, she made him alive again and treated his wounds. The lines from the boiler man Kamaji will touch your heart also that love can heal everything.

The story of another world will amaze you for sure. We often think about how our next living world would be. This story is a mare reflection of that. Spirits have their own clauses to live their lives and how they will feel for normal people to be there as a person, is described here. You will love this for sure.