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Weathering with You is also known as Tenki no ko. This movie was released in 2019. This film has won lots of hearts after Your Name. The director and author of this movie are Makoto Shinkai. This anime movie is also considered as a romantic movie but thrill, suspense, and action are part of it. Even this movie is also nominated for an Oscar.

Details of Weathering with You Movie

The length of the film is 112 minutes. As mentioned earlier, the writer, director of this movie is Makoto Shinkai. The fans of this movie pushed itself for Oscar nomination. But it has received 5 awards. The story of the film creates a great impact on fans’ lives.

Who Are The Main Characters of Weathering with Your Movie?

The main characters of this movie are-

  • Morishima Hodaka
  • Hina
  • Keisuke Suga
  • Yasui
  • Takai

What is the Story of Weathering with You?

This is the love story of Hodaka and Hina. Hodaka has come to Tokyo for the first time and is searching for jobs. During the kissanime ru struggle, he finds a girl, Hina who has gifted a burger to him free of cost. Due to being hungry that day he didn’t get the opportunity to talk with the girl. But after a few days, he finds that girl is going to a hotel room with two suspicious men. Without a second thought, he ran to rescue her and saved him. In the situation, he takes his first attempt in the crime world by trying to shoot one of them, the suspicious person, with a gun.

After some time, the boy and the girl become friends and the boy comes to know that the girl has the ability to control the weather just by praying. Both of them are struggling and this is why they picked up to change the weather as their profession. But Hina never mentioned that it will cause an effect on her body. The friendship turns into love. Due to having an illegal weapon, the police are after him and their lives became unstable. One morning, the boy discovered what she hid from him. And then the boy due to being in love, pushed himself to be in the world where Hina is. This is a short story.

Why Should You Watch This Movie?

The first thing that is needed to mention is the graphics. The animation quality and graphics are amazing to win the fans’ hearts. A lot of people love this movie because they can relate the struggle with their lives. You fall in love with the beautiful concept that how our emotions are attached to the weather change. It’s all like the emotions of the earth. The only difference is, we can’t change the weather as our emotions, as Hina does.

The story can be enjoyed more by seeing it. In the above, you can see the general structure of the movie. It will be a great experience for you if you watch it by yourself and feel each line with the heart. You will fall in love with this movie.