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The original name of this anime movie is Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki. This is an anime movie from 2012. The movie is quite a family type and dramatic. You can also find romance in the presence of absolute comedy. Let’s see more details of the movie.

Details of Wolf Children

Wolf Children is written by Mamoru Hosoda. The direction and screenplay are also done by the author himself. The length of the story is 117 minutes. This movie was also launched through Studio Ghibli. On 23rd July 2012, this movie first launched. This movie has won a lot of prizes in a row. It has received the 2012 Mainichi Film Award for the Best animation. It also received the best animation of the year award from the 2013 Tokyo International kissAnime ru Fair and Japan

Academy Prize for Animation. Not only in Japan, but it also received awards from other countries. The Oslo Film Fair Award in South Norway gave this film three awards in a row. Those are The Main Award, The Silver Award, and The Audience Award. In 2014, it got Best Anime Disc from Home Media Magazine and New York International Children’s Film Festival.

Who are The Main Characters of Wolf Children?

The main characters of this story are-

  • Hana
  • Ame
  • Yuki
  • Ookami
  • Fuji
  • Keno
  • Shino
  • Horita
  • Nirasaki

What is The Story of Wolf Children?

The story started romantically. Hana, the main female character of the story finds a man in her college. While the man attended her class, she started to like her. She fell in love eventually. But after some time, she found that the man can change himself into a werewolf by looking at the moon. This is the last living werewolf. But nothing can stop Hana from loving her. She married him and decided to start a family. But here the real story began. She gave birth to two children, Yuki and Ame. Both of them could transform into wolves as it is transferred from their father. One day, Hana lost her husband and took the whole responsibility to grew them up. As living in a polluted city is a challenge for human beings and here she had two wolves to care for. In so many difficulties she tried her best to make them happy and live their lives. While they are deciding to leave their previous place and switched to new then their real challenges appeared.

Why Should You Watch This Movie?

Those who don’t know what real-life challenges are and how difficult it is to live in a modern city, the story will give you the best idea. And you can feel the story very well because it is a story of a mother. We know, we can see how much our mothers pushed themselves to protect us and to make us smile. The same thing is shown here in a different manner, in a very effective way.

The story is all over mind-blowing and at the end of the story, tears will cover your eyes for sure. For such a romantic and emotional movie, the awards are not enough to describe the gratitude. You will love this movie for sure.