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The original name of the film ‘Your Name’ is ‘Kimi no na wa’. If you love romantic movies then it will be best. But not like other romantic movies they have a crush on one another and eventually it turns into love along with some difficulties. The interesting part of this story is, the boy and girl met at the last minute of the film. You may be surprised then how romantic there is if they have never met before. That’s the story.

Details of ‘Your Name’s

The whole credit of the story, screenplay, and direction go to the greatest author of the century Mr Makoto Shinkai. In the year of 2016 when the film was released first, it turned into the best anime movie. Even it receives 2nd position on the ranking along with all kissanime series and movies. The length of the film is 106 minutes.

Who are the Characters in This Film?

The main characters are-

  • Taki
  • Mitsuha
  • Yotsuha
  • Sayaka
  • Shinta
  • Katsuhiko

What is the Story of Your Name?

As mentioned earlier, the story is kind of romantic. But it would be better to mention here that the story is a more kind of complicated love story. The girl of the story lives in Itomori, a small village in Japan and the boy lives in Tokyo. The screenplay is done according to two times. Because the girl’s situation is three years ago and the boy’s situation is the present time. The story starts with a body-switching between Mitsuha and Taki. One morning Mitsuha realizes that she is not in herself and the same happens with Taki.

After a certain progression and incidents, they come to know about the body-switching phenomenon. As the story goes on they find love for each other. Sleep is the only way if they are body-switching and before they go to bed, they write messages for each other.

Taki comes to know that one meteorite has destroyed Mitsuha’s village and Mitsuha has died as well. So to stop it, he gives her the message about this and saves the city before the meteorite collision. Then he saves both of their life but after this incident, they forget everything that was between them.

Why Should You Watch Your Name?

You are probably feeling like the story does not have a good romantic ending. But that’s not true. This will be your best romantic movie if you ever see this. The animation quality is just awesome to describe. You can know about the Japanese culture of the Itomori region. You may have seen lots of stories about time travel. But this will give you another taste of time travel and romanticism. It is possible to fall in love with each other just by sharing the feelings, as is proved by this creativity.

The movie has earned more than 23 billion yen during the first month of release. Not only in Japan but also every country in the world shows their love for Your Name. We hope it will be a great experience for you too.